Who is she?

Rebecca Johnson is a communications professional with a passion for digital content producing. In May 2020, she will be a proud graduate of Howard University, having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media, Journalism and Film; with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Digital Design. She currently is the Digital Content Manager for WHBC 96.3 hd3, where she manages a team of writers and contributes to updating the station’s socials and website. She is also a digital intern for WHUR 96.3 fm, the flagship station of the Howard University Radio Network. At WHUR, she regularly contributes website articles and digitally captures moments from station events and guest visits. Previously, she was a reporter for Howard’s student-run newspaper The Hilltop, where she covered events such as the student takeover of the administration building, the March for Our Lives rally and the NAACP’s People’s Inauguration. She has utilized her coursework to aptly produced all forms of media to report news. This coverage includes creating audio packages for 2016 Midterm Election coverage, video public service announcements and infographics. She is currently sharpening her skills with WordPress, search engine optimization, Hootsuite and content management systems. Upon graduation, she plans to enter the workforce in a position which allows her to create or manage digital content. Rebecca’s ultimate mission  is to create content across different mediums to make information accessible to all. In her spare time, she loves to travel, visit museums and get lost in a good book.

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